Cooperative Development Training Modules

The Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Cooperatives has developed a series of training modules to support co-op development. These modules enable individuals and groups to become more informed about the structure, benefits and the development of cooperatives and their role in community and economic development. They are designed to help individuals understand what’s involved in developing a new co-operative. More information on these modules is available on the Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Cooperatives web site:

Module #1: Co-operatives: the Basics

This is an introductory module covering the basics of the co-operative business model including such topics as the co-operative business structure; an introduction to co-operative development; an overview of co-op legislation and regulations, a look at the existing co-op sector; and a unit on the history of co-ops in the Newfoundland and Labrador.

Module #2: Co-ops and the Community Development Process

This module stimulates discussion on the role of co-ops in the community development process, from a planning and policy development perspective. Topics include how the co-op model contributes to the community development process; what makes co-ops different from other types of business; how co-ops build community equity and generate local investment; and the role community development agencies can play in supporting the co-op development process.

Module #3: Developing a Co-op Enterprise

This module is designed to engage participants in information sessions and workshop exercises that provide a participatory experience in the development of a new co-operative. It is a “hands on” educational activity where participants will learn how to identify co-operative development opportunities; the stages in the co-operative development process; and the process of taking a co-operative initiative from “idea to operation”.

These Co-op Development Training Modules can be delivered to community development agencies and other groups considering the development of a co-op enterprise. Related costs are covered by IBRD’s Community Capacity Building Program. Contact the IBRD office in your region if you are interested in hosting a facilitated workshop.